It takes a village

Anxiety issues are off the charts these days because of our uncertain times. When there is more variability in the world it creates a situation where too many options exist as well as opinions on how to proceed. My world growing up was far more black and white but then also more restrictive which reduced the variables available. It was the proverbial strait jacket functioning as ordained providence through our religious adherence (no matter how hypocritical).

Of course it takes life experience to know how to weed out importance and because I know this I factor it into my evaluation of this era in our history. Hence while some things have improved some things have worsened I think because the guard rails are no longer in place. The family as institution was more cohesive but also more potentially steeped in hypocrisy since revealing certain realities was close to impossible. However the concept of "it takes a village" to raise a child was more part of the cultural norm even if those results were sometimes less than ideal.

Societies seem prone to cyclical trends which repeat themselves such that even as technological change fools us into thinking we are becoming wiser, we fall in and out of enlightenment sometimes without awareness we are doing so.


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