Party over country

There is now absolutely no doubt that Trump led a criminal conspiracy to subvert American democracy with the only question remaining being to what extent does the arm of justice act. Thus far it seems that Merrick Garland has little appetite to indict partly no doubt because the lunatic fringe element that still supports the odious one and his lies is a substantial portion of one of the two major parties. The problem is that if you do nothing you implicitly are saying that the actions Trump took were acceptable and then set a precedent for a repeat performance.

We now know the plot involved an alternate slate of electors and through coercion of state election officials (who have received countless death threats) they hoped to ram their plan through and use Pence as the actor who would upset the legitimate election of Biden. Unfortunately no matter what you do you are in trouble, for if you indict the right wing mobs are stirred into action but if you do not you have added several more nails to the coffin holding the body of a democracy now on barely on life support.

Clearly, party over country is very dangerous place to be.


  1. Yesterday, we found out that the FBI executed a search warrant on Jeffrey Clarke during the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday morning. This is something, according to those who served in the DOJ, that would have had to be approved at the highest levels, and likely AG Garland himself. This is clear evidence, for the first time, that there is an active investigation going on. With all that is coming out, I am convinced that those leading the conspiracy, will be prosecuted.

    1. I will believe it Kristina when we see Trump in handcuffs :)


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