My son and I talked over espressos yesterday and I am impressed with his reserve and maturity. Yes, he is still hampered by anxiety but talking about his relationship with the extended family and his viewpoint regarding a possible future partner, he showed wisdom beyond his years.

When I was his age things were more defined when it came to the rules of the game but today they are far more hazardous and even if I know he would like someone in his life, he has observed the world around him and sees the potential dangers of rushing. Possibly aided by the failure of his parents' marriage he knows what he doesn't want and is willing to wait.

I am suspicious that during the course of his engineering studies things will work out in that department and if not plenty of time during a burgeoning professional life. But regardless, I told him that things will happen when they are supposed to. And though it might sound terrible and that I would love him no matter what, given a choice between him having anxiety and being trans I am glad it is the former.


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