Seeking solutions

Geopolitics deals with issues related to demographics and economics as well as the political structures that govern nations. Over the last 3 decades the advent of the internet has drastically remade our world and thanks to the sharing of information gateways were opened which transcended even language barriers. The flip side of course is that this the dark forces of societies who could now plot similar schemes and have them work globally. We are now faced with major issues such as climate change and devastating income inequality which threaten most nations. It is why I feel that thinking globally rather than nationally is going to be more beneficial to our world. Hence closing the borders and hoping for the best isn't going to work out.

Strategic alliances will need to be formed if we are to problem solve and whether it is the climate crisis, reducing plastics in the ocean or curbing devastating poverty will take more than the will of one nation.

Since neoliberalism became a thing starting with the early 90's forays into free trade, we have seen nations take advantage of worker low wages in less developed countries leaving local people without jobs. Parts of the US have seen severe impacts of job loss in sectors that were traditionally strong. Now the tide must be turned back and seek solutions via geopolitical means for the betterment of all humanity.


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