The fetish narrative

I will be blunt and also apologetic to those who take offense but I do find some some gender variant people a little off putting. The photoshoots and the skimpy outfits don't fit the trans narrative in my head which is why I tend to not readily include them under the trans umbrella. This is not about being a separatist but if we are going to understand a subject we need to be able to make distinction between behaviors. Thus having thought about this for a long time I have made a clean separation in my mind between gender expression and identity while understanding very well that they overlap to differing degrees in each person.

My problem is perhaps that I personally relate much more to transsexuals and this is where my perspective is skewed. I just can't help but think that skimpy outfits and sky high heels aren't doing the trans community any favors as they just seem to give ammunition to detractors who just love to trot out the fetish as origin narrative. 

Mind you, having once met someone who told me they were trans but then a dominatrix on the side, only helped me to realize that much more who I wasn't.


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