The script

It takes us a while to wake up to how the world truly functions. At first we might think it's ordered a certain way for good reason and we don't question what later turn out to be obvious irrationalities. We accept both societal and familial obligations thinking that they are just part of the natural order of things; our role within them perhaps seen as sacrosanct.

I know I fell victim to that naivete and actively conspired against my own enlightenment by swallowing the messaging almost whole. But eventually the blinders wear off and we see things as they are. What it turns out is that we are to make our way with our sense of self and personal compass to guide us made all the more relevant when you don't easily fit the script..

However many more years are allotted to me will be spent honoring my own personhood in disregard for the outside voices of a world that is often much more confused than you are.


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