Three groups

I've written here before about Anne Vitale's 3 groups of trans people which she saw in her practice. G1 is born male but has trouble hiding very effeminate behavior right from the outset much to the exasperation of concerned parents. G2 is born female and is noticeably drawn towards boy clothes, toys and behavior. G3 is born male and understands early there is a disconnect but keeps quiet and is nevertheless able to conceal and behave as the world demands.

What I like about these groupings is that they capture the trans community perfectly. Her G1 historically tended to transition early and was usually androphilic which was yet another bonus for alignment with their change.

I am a G3 as are most of the trans people I know. This means we traditionally resisted until hitting a wall in midlife or later although this is now changing with trans issues being so much in the open versus when I was growing up. This likely means that there is probably a blending between G1 and G3 in some individuals today that makes those two previous typologies harder to diagnose.


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