What no longer works

American society isn't going the way the right wing would like it to which is why continuing to abide by democratic ideals isn't in their playbook. US demographics are revealing a more diverse electorate which is getting younger and less likely to vote Republican hence the toying with gerrymandering districts in hopes of keeping their white, older and less educated base as the majority. By also using divisive wedge issues to distract from the loss of economic strength of their voters,  they continue to take money from corporate donors who then ostensibly write public policy. In this scenatio, the average voter doesn't stand a chance.

Constitutional Republic or parliamentary democracy it doesn't matter what any system is called if it doesn't work for the people that it is supposed to represent and from where I sit I'm not overly hopeful the country can be saved without the kind of massive overhaul that will basically be a revolution; only hopefully one without bloodshed.

Not that the democratic party is that much better mind you, only that they are still invested in the mirage that they can fix a broken system rather than skip that step and go straight to theocratic totalitarianism.


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