A parody of himself

Here David Pakman very astutely analyzes the problems with Jordan Peterson who has become a parody of himself. Once someone who professed to be apolitical, he has joined speed talking Ben Shapiro's gang and will now have his very own show where he can pontificate to his heart's content.

So much material to lampoon so little time :)


  1. There is only one positive thing about the current Fascist resurgence and that is that it is now close to impossible to pretend that the extreme right is anything but Fascist. The term "Conservative" no longer fits. This also means that it is much harder to deny the threat these people pose to decency and democracy. I have said for a long time that Jordan Peterson is a Fascist, and I have always been met with the argument that I have to be open to "the other side", "free speech" etc.etc., and that Jordan is nothing but an academic expression of genuine male complaints, combined with useful life advice for young men. No more.

    1. on this we agree completely Jack. He seems to be slowly self destructing before our eyes these days. We are the same age and I understand his old fashioned mindset because we were raised in the same era. Unfortunately he has devolved into a cartoon character of a right wing despot


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