1. This video brought back some memories for me. The shear TERROR, embarrassment and shame at 13 years old and being caught wearing a skirt.

    It was a Sunday morning and my parents were going to church but I was able to stay home. It was the perfect time to try on some of my mother's clothes. I put on one a green pencil skirt. And then my dad comes down the hallway. He forgot something. I run into a bedroom and he follows.

    He asks me what I am doing. I am MORTIFIED and almost speechless standing there wearing that pencil skirt. All I could say was the truth. I just said "I just wanted to know what it feels like [wearing a skirt]." My dad says he understands but to take it off and put it back. He left for church and we never mentioned that incident ever again. My guess is he didn't want to embarrass me or anything. I don't even know if he told my mom. This was the 80's BTW.

    Joanna, in your youth did you ever get caught?

    1. OMG yes at 4 years old in my mom's shoes and a few other times over the years that I seemed to be able to explain sway somehow 😳

    2. Well at least at the age of 4 that is just so innocent. The older you get the more difficult it is to explain away. And certainly much more difficult in the pre-internet days.


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