My last post involves one person's suggestion about how to deal with the public's invariable confusion (and even sometimes ours) regarding expression versus identity. Whereas the current definition of the transgender umbrella includes both, that makes it very wide. Accordingly, this would make drag queens (who are about pure expression) technically trans even if they will be the first to tell you they aren't as Ru Paul himself so adamantly stated. This because they see the trans definition more about identity which I also tend to agree with. Interestingly, the fact that some contestants of Paul's drag show transitioned, showed how that border can blur and people can become more self aware over time to realize there was something more.

Essentially what we have done is, at the altar of political correctness, put the old definitions of tranvestism and transsexualism under one broad melting pot whereas they aren't precisely the same thing. Without being prejudicial, I prefer to see the subject matter more clinically because we seek to understand human behaviour instead of blur it which only helps people looking for answers about how to deal with their own situations using perspective (the danger of not having it being we either overshoot or undershoot). When I sometimes read the blogs of others I realize many of us don't share the same definition of transgender and if that is the case, imagine how much greater the confusion of the general public.

That borderline fascinates me no end specifically because, through its understanding, is how I sought to comprehend myself. Call it the professional hazard of an engineer's brain.


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