I am still unsure about whether tranvestism and transsexualism exist on the same continuum. If one looks at the work of Harry Benjamim it would appear that this might have been his thinking with dysphoria appearing likely by his type III and then ramping up from there to a crescendo at type VI.

If I use simple observation alone it's fair to say that transvestism focuses an awful lot on the clothing whereas transsexualism on the need for body alteration to fix a problem long ago identified by the individual. The tricky part is how (if at all) they overlap at some point and for Benjamin it seemed upon entering type IV that the seeds of transsexualism begin to show up.

We used to talk about a condition  in the case of transsexualism and indeed that is highly valid because it is very reasonable to assume biological roots. The question which then begs asking is whether transvestism is more rooted in psychology and sexual interest (the adolescent finding and trying on a bra in the hamper for example) which then introduces the question of choice. If biology is removed in the case of transvestism then this could be a key differentiator. But then perhaps where biology and psychology meet is where we get that grey zone which can mimic a continuum.


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