Fits the bill

I almost never wear dresses but with this horrible heat I have found some refuge in the few that I do own. Loose fitting and comfortable, they remove pressure points around the waist from my usual capris or summer skirts. That l don't own many does not matter because, as I have written here before, fashion doesn't interest me very much at all. However, what I do own must suit my frame and look good on me before I step out in the morning.

I resisted and almost gave up on them in the past after many dubious purchases which had me pulling them down because they were slightly too short (hate when they fall above the knee) Eventually however I settled on two or three that I could wear on occasion which had proven themselves to fit the bill and this morning I knew which one would be paired with my block pumps. Needless to say all are casual enough to be worn every day, otherwise honestly what's the point :)


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