Half the courage

"Just being" is highly desirable but sometimes very hard to do. The reason is that we have been taught to live by comparison and by belonging to groups. Therefore if you don't readily fit you are going to need to fight very hard to find your own unique identity. High intensity binary transsexuals used to transition and did their best to erase the past (by no means a picnic) but this is a new frontier where living stealth has become increasingly difficult. On the other hand, people who exhibit gender variance on occasion can retreat to their baseline until the next time.

Living somewhere in the middle is extremely difficult and takes finding courage which includes a strong sense of self. So when I wrote yesterday about trans people who do not pass and live to day this way, they represent the ones who must have the toughest outer shell. Not only does much of society reject you but perhaps you lose a spouse, a job as well as extended family.

If this blog regularly shows much disdain for the ignorant masses it is precisely because most of them deride but haven't got half the courage.


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