When we talk about right wing politics we are referring to conservatism which has always existed. In a nutshell, resistant to social change and (especially in the US) infused with ideas of small government, it proliferates in every generation by finding bogeymen to attack so that they can convert willing apostles to their cause. I have all my life tried to understand the mindset but to no avail and have summarized that it tends to find its most fertile ground among misinformed masses who rely on fear of advancement into new territory as sustenance. Whether it was villifying hoardes of infiltrating immigrants or now LGBTQ people, there is always someone coming to knock at the doors of their pristine existence trying to screw it up and so they must fight back.

That conservatives subsist on ideas which are eventually proven wrong doesn't make suffering them in the present any easier. That some religious people also tend to be that way speaks less to the idea of a social contract towards charity but instead of unflinching dictates written in stone by humans themselves so they can sleep at night.


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