Lest we perturb

I think it's fair to say that I have been a very self reliant person all my life. Other than rely on my parents when I was young, I soon enough realized that in life you need to be self sufficient and in the long run I was proven right. More often than not it was someone else relying on me and my ability to be disciplined and timely. I suppose someone got lost along the way and I am finding a stronger need than ever to look after myself more now that my children are older.

Trans people are good at walking around minefields and making sure other people's sensibilities aren't offended which is unfortunate.  Sometimes we will even be allowed out of the house. You get so used to the idea that you shouldn't perturb anyone with your particular affliction lest they reject you such that it becomes part of the way you operate on all leveis.

Generally at work I am known as a nice dependable person which is perhaps a polite way way of saying someone to call on when you need something. That will thankfully soon be coming to an end so I can better look after me.


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