Moving the furniture

Statistically reproducible anomalies can be seen in two ways: as illness or as part of the fabric of society. Homosexuality has always existed and always will and yet there are still those who call it abnormal when it really isn't. It's simply a preference that is statistically small and yet consistently measurable. Being trans is the same.

When we stigmatize things that are innate to some people we needlessly create trauma in them which is then internalized. For some that takes the form of self harm or psychological issues that are carried long into adulthood and require therapy when in a more tolerant world it would not have been necessary had they been left alone.

What is most fascinating here is that the societal response has historically been an exaggerated one. The Nazis, for example, were gleefully willing to send homosexuals to the camps perhaps in vain hope of wiping something out that would keep coming anyway. The possibility that this cancer could spread was too dangerous a prospect to entertain. Today in 2022 the world "groomer" is used in much the same vein proving that human beings do not learn but, with each new era, simply move the furniture around.


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