No escaping

Impostor syndrome happens to everyone at some point and it's severity depends on how much you aren't being authentic. Being trans doesn't automatically make you an impostor but it can if you believe that your identity is a false one. In other words, you are simply play acting and deep down you know it.

This phenomenon happens to everyone and even working professionals sometimes doubt their abilities so it's not unusual. That it happens to trans people is even less surprising since we spent so many years repressing inclinations that were inherent to us. Within the gender variant community there are of course those who are into pretending and perhaps they are fine with it but an identity in the end is something which cannot be escaped and will eventually find a way to surface.


  1. Was that a typo or a Freudian slip? "woking professionals"? ;-) I found that, for myself, the imposter syndrome applied more to my male persona than my female presentation. In fact, I felt I needed to appear less "woke" as a man, in order to protect my authentic self from being detected. I know that I am now not only a better woman than I was a man, I am a much better person!

    1. LOL you caught the typo thanks Connie and yes I think the creation of an image that works for everyone except yourself can turn you into an impostor. You might fool yourself into thinking it is genuine and see the female persona as inauthentic which I find happens to a lot of us.

    2. I finally figured out that it's impossible to be honest with others without first being honest with myself. Lying to others requires that one lie to oneself, too.


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