On fire

Parts of Western Europe are on fire and the UK will reach 40C for the first time this week. Something is wrong of course but don't tell that to planet rapists some of whom are waiting for the rapture and the second coming so it doesn't matter. If a grown ass person thinks biblically and disregards science there is nothing I can say that will dissuade them although I might point them towards the balanced outlook of a Thomas Aquinas in vain hope.

If you are a climate scientist or even an executive from ExxonMobil you have known about this impending problem for decades with the former thinking the human race couldn't possibly be this obtuse. Oh but we are, and the consequences will continue for the foreseeable future until we can begin to right the ship which might happen after I am no longer here because we make corrections with financial concerns first. Never mind the welfare of future generations and all species of wildlife and flora if it means the stock market might suffer.


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