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Reading Zagria's wonderful gender variance site over the years has helped me realize that it's a very broad spectrum of behaviour among humans. She has historical narratives sometimes going back to the 18th century featuring people doing their best to live within the constraints of societies that didn't know what to make of them. That collection of colorful characters amply fills the Benjamin scale which of course came many years later. Her site also proves that, despite what a misguided right wing might say, trans people are not the flavor of the month but have always existed.

I have been storing not the tiny details of each narrative but instead the patterns of behaviour among the common clusters that loosely form archetypes; from the casual dresser to the full blown transsexual. We can often recognize where we fit by reading other stories and I am no different. By piecing together the clues, we are able to understand where we place on the dysphoria scale and how to proceed while leaving just enough flexibility to allow for growth, for surprise and to let neuroplasticity work its magic.


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