The thrift store purchased purse pictured below is the best one I have ever owned (the second being one my mother gave me a couple of years ago). It's a supple leather, a great caramel colour but I love it specifically because it's the right size and so comfortable when worn over the shoulder for extended periods. I have owned many over the years but nothing comes close. I am all about comfort these days with the style coming in second because no one wants to spend any substantial time in pain. It's why I don't wear stilettos anymore and have two pairs gathering dust just in case the right occasion comes but never does. In other words, I seem to have inadvertently picked up the same habits many women my age have simply by living.

It's a long and slow process blending a style into your life that works which has resulted in a progressively smaller closet. What is used now is much more judiciously mixed and matched and after all these years I can pick up an item in front of me and know whether it fits.

Know thyself and be comfy:)


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