Slow and steady

When you present female every day over quite a number of years you become known at the pharmacy, grocery stores, local cafes and restaurants. You begin to make friendships with people you meet on walks or while you were sipping your coffee one day. It's an organic process which you didn't see coming and yet makes perfect sense once you are there.

I don't have regrets about the slowness of the process because I wanted things to be accidental and unforced. As a hesitant trans person who avoided self acceptance for as long as possible (until it became a health issue) it was the only way it could have happened. There is also no impetus to come out as trans to anyone and yet I would not deny it if asked which means to me that any shame over that reality is entirely gone.

Perhaps being overly inquisitive about the science made things worse but then it is the only way I knew how to approach something this life altering. It's just how my brain is wired.


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