Gavin Newsom is taking a page right out of the GOP playbook and will alow victims of gun violence in his state to sue manufacturers. I can just see Greg Abbott gritting his teeth at the chutzpah for using his own tactic to counteract his personal fetish for open carry. Not only this, but California will begin to manufacture its own insulin which it plans to sell at cost; yet another brilliant jab at a greedy pharmaceutical industry that gouges people who depend on them simply for the luxury of staying alive.

Clearly Newsom has political aspirations beyond the gubernatorial, and yet this is a very smart move which will greatly benefit his state. Other than my personal favorite for 2024 which is Jamie Raskin, Newsom would be a marked improvement over a completely ineffective neoliberal like Biden who still thinks he can reason with a fringe GOP that has aspirations of theocratic dictatorship. Put Katie Porter (who is a very savvy policy nerd) alongside any one of them on the ticket, and you have a brilliant tandem which would lead far better than the current one to be sure.

The only thing even better would be to finally see Trump sporting a very well fitting orange jumpsuit :)


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