Of your own making

I don't like groups. I don't know why I have such a natural aversion to them but perhaps it is because I don't like feeling like I am being herded somewhere and being a shy kid probably played into it. Groupthink is something I desperately avoid and if you are easily influenced perhaps seeking comfort within them isn't the best idea but I can certainly understand their allure for the extrovert. 

I think my cynicism developed by watching people since very young and witnessing hypocrisy and pretense first hand. Also like my father I have a low tolerance for stupidity. Hence I worked on my psyche and coped mostly on my own. Yes, you still struggle like everyone else but at least you are either victim or beneficiary of decisions purely of your own making.


  1. I don't like groups either. I am a super introvert and being around a lot of people brings me anxiety. I like having control of my situation and the more people around me the less I feel I have control.

    GroupThink is a problem. And I must admit I am a bit of a people pleaser so I have to watch myself on that.

  2. I generally subscribe to the statement attributed to Groucho Marx: “I wouldn't want to belong to a club that would have me as a member.” 😁


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