The fog of euphoria

I have on occasion written here about euphoria which is what happens to gender variant as well as to trans people. It can feel heady but we might do well to be cautious when we are immersed in it. While I am at greater risk these days I do not succumb to it because I want my mind clear of illusory thinking. After many years of dysphoria (which I still suffer from) there are more moments of joy than ever thanks to a state of mind which is benefitting from having resolved much.

That previous history grounds me and allows me to remain balanced. I understand precisely where I am because of the years spent in careful introspection. 


  1. For me, gender euphoria has transitioned along with my gender transition. For example, where a compliment from someone on my appearance may have been perceived as a source of validation for my cross-gender efforts before, I now feel, I think, just as any other woman might from the same compliment. My cynical nature, however, can still sniff out condescension, or that unspoken ending to the compliment of "for a man."

    1. It's an interesting process that goes from the thrill of very small victories to calming down and just being good in your skin which has more lasting value

    2. I'll always remember the moment when I realized that what had seemed to be extraordinary had suddenly become ordinary, and just how extraordinary that feeling was!

    3. We require reaching a plateau where the ups and downs are minimized and in so doing reach a level of peace which I can tell you have done :)


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