When we were in the dark

 I saw that young transwoman again at Sephora recently and she was so lovely and pleasant. I've got her pegged at not a day over 25 although I have been known to be wrong. I complimented her on her makeup which was flawless. At around 5 10" and maybe 145 lbs soaking wet she fits in well with only minimal tell tale signs (voice being one of them). I then rewind in my head to 40 years ago and think how her working here would have been a pipe dream and she likely wouldn't even be out and proud.

Then a young man wearing minimal makeup explains to me about the makeup fixer I had just put in the little basket I was given upon entering. He tells me he uses it himself without the slightest hesitation.

All of that still bristles against the sensibilities of someone who grew up when everything was still in the dark and who occasionally still marvels.


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