Coming Out

Coming out, particularly for those of us who are older, can be extremely frightening but, as I have personally discovered, we tend to be our own worst enemies here. We envision nightmare scenarios where everyone around us will abandon ship and never want to see us again. In the vast majority of cases however, this turns out to be false particularly if you handle things with sensitivity and deftness. You need to understand that for those close to us this can be a very shocking revelation even if ultimately it is not seen as a negative one.

I have not lost a single friend or family member over my being transgender mostly because they are all great people who have enough sensitivity and intelligence to know that I did not choose this path. It is simply who I am and always have been. My children have also been wonderful in large part because I brought them along slowly on my journey.

Therefore choose your occasions wisely and go slow and you will be mostly pleasantly surprised as to how coming out can be a very cathartic experience. It will likely lift a heavy weight from your shoulders you've been carrying for years and give you a new lease on life which is what it did for me.

Remember that if someone rejects you because you are trans, maybe they weren't worth knowing in the first place.

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