Let Us Educate Ourselves

I personally bemoan the fact that many trans people go by feel and don't look at what is going on around them. To me it resembles whistling in the dark and hoping nothing goes wrong. Hence, most blogs take on a very personal tone but don't bother delving deeper into societal issues which greatly impact our place within our respective cultures. We have a number of enemies and it behooves us to educate ourselves so we are not left with mouths agape and nothing to say when we are the object of frequently misinformed attacks. For this reason, my first targets of interest were books, blogs, research papers and websites which dealt with whatever science was available to help me understand why I was made this way.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of blogs still follow a direction which, although personally gratifying for the author, does not address the need for advocacy and militancy we should possess to defend ourselves. In this social media connected world, the days of stealth transitions are over and we cannot afford to sit idly by while outsiders with vendettas form coordinated efforts to discredit trans people as outcasts not deserving of any dignity.

So please, do yourself and all of us a favor and educate yourself on a subject which greatly affects you. Your life may one day depend upon it.

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