Innate versus learned

There is a tug of war inside transgender and transsexual people between what one us taught versus innate behaviour that often manifests itself very early. This was particularly true for those of us born before the internet era.

Gender expression which fell outside accepted norms was quickly castigated with disapproving words or stares and made many of us feel rejected. As a result, a good percentage heeded instruction and went along so we could feel loved. That disconnect between the innate and the learned is not as wide in all of us, but at its most extreme it created a situation where suicidal thoughts were entertained rather than face another day being someone we are not.

Thankfully, today's trans people are far more educated than we were as is the general population. Despite the need for massive improvement we now have hope that we will one day form part of the fabric of society without fear of prejudice or violence.

The recent judgement by the US Supreme court gives me hope.


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