Self-acceptance can be a brutal journey most especially if you were raised in a conservative environment where your reality could be regarded as a sin or as severe mental illness. But hard as it may be, you must get there because barring that, your life risks being more difficult than it needs to be. You may end up living most or all of it in the shadows and never really know what it's like to be who you really are.

I am certain that if I can do it then so can you because I came from so far back. My strict religious upbringing and conservative nature made things very hard for me and yet I needed to persevere because I was slowly sinking and eventually hit a massive crisis by my mid 40's. That event finally forced me to come terms with who I had always been and accept instincts which were different and which were steeped in being drawn to embodying another gender; something which I had repeatedly tried to suppress and ignore while growing up because I thought I was supposed to.

I ultimately realized that these instincts were never going to change and I needed to accept myself exactly as I was. Being trans is not an easy road to begin with, but it is made considerably more rocky in the absence of self-acceptance.

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