Shame and Guilt

Shame and guilt are extremely powerful weapons which can be debilitating to many trans people. From day one we are taught that embracing the feminine means you are weak and ineffective and any male bodied person who espouses it is rejected. This was particularly true for those of us who grew up during the pre-internet era.

We thought there was something deeply wrong with us and any time we succumbed to the temptation to be ourselves, we felt the strong pangs of shame and guilt reminding us how twisted we were. Social programming is so pervasive and implants itself in your psyche to such an extent, that it takes many of us decades to remove its influence on our self image. Therefore, eliminating shame and guilt becomes paramount if you are to live comfortably inside your own skin but it is by no means an easy feat. Something I know personally all too well.

When all else fails, just ask yourself this simple question: is there something shameful about being a woman? I certainly hope not.

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