A Word About Trans Separatism

Trans separatism is hardly a new phenomenon. Founded amidst the insecurity of trans people who wanted to distinguish themselves from others, it sprouted after the death of Harry Benjamin in the form of an invented condition called "Harry Benjamin Syndrome". The intent was to make a very clear delineation between transsexual women born with a condition and pretender transvestites who were deemed to be perverted men in dresses. While no one argues against the fact that there is a vast difference between a Type I and Type 6 individual on the Benjamin scale, Benjamin himself made no disparaging remarks about any of his patients regardless of where they placed on his less than perfect SOS spectrum.

HBS separatism became a movement of self validation which unfortunately reaks of human insecurity and, since we know very little about what causes someone to feel they are in some way trans, it makes the attitude all the more insidious. All we know for certain is that there are clearly differences of intensity in gender dysphoria which demands different kinds of attention depending on where one resides on the gender identity spectrum.

Today trans separatism is promoted by people like Blair White and countered by transwomen like Natalie Wynn (aka Contrapoints) and I for one know which of the two is both more credible and correct based on the very limited scientific evidence we possess. I ask you to watch their respective videos and you'll quickly figure out who the smart one is.

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Natalie Wynn

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