What is Gender?

To a great extent, gender is about performance. While human sexuality is more a measure of how we express attachment and love and are able to procreate if we wish to, gender identity is a measure of the frequency we resonate at, which is a wonderful analogy proposed by Caryn who was kind enough to regularly comment on my blog.

Gender can be described as an indicator of the degree of masculinity and femininity contained in a person which can vary between individuals. However, we as trans people are a little different in that our misalignment is more severe. We all know of individuals who challenge the binary model and yet not all of them have a problem with their uniqueness. They are able to function within society without experiencing gender dysphoria. This can include a degree of gender non conformance which does not require them to go further.

How we manage gender dysphoria has morphed over our history. The difference today is that our options have never been greater and, thanks to support from an increasing number of allies and a wealth of new information, we can receive help like never before and find better ways to lead fruitful lives out in the open instead of in hiding.

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